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The Nirvana FAQ
Everything you always wanted to know and then some...

Compiled and updated by Jeff McRae
Posted intermittently to

Copyright (C) 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994 by Jeff McRae, all rights reserved.
This FAQ may be posted to any USENET newsgroup, on-line service, or BBS
as long as it is posted in its entirety and includes this copyright
statement.  This FAQ may NOT be distributed for financial gain.  This FAQ
may NOT be included in commercial collections or compilations without
express permission from the author.

History of FAQ:
v1.0 March '94 - The original, only took a few hours to write.
v1.1 April '94 - Added some small bits of info and Incesticide info
v2.0 April '94 - Added Kurt's death and a few others...
v3.0 June '94  - A few minor changes.
v3.1 July '94  - Added Kurt vs Axl and Vanity Fair stuff
v3.2 Aug '94   - Removed suicide note, added demo list
v3.3 Nov '94   - Added a few minor things
v4.0 Jan '95   - A few major changes, including full text of suicide note
v4.1 Feb '95   - Split the FAQ into 3 parts and an index
v4.2 May '95   - Added the Fecal Matter demo info
v4.3 Jan '96   - Added the In Utero Symbols
v5.0 Dec '96   - Major facelift.  Changed things around a bit

Without these people, the world would suck eggs:
Rick Scaia (for the mailing list), Art Lee (for the discography), Alex Lum
(for giving me comments way back when), Liz Ellison (a great source of
wisdom), John Loughney (for spending the time to hunt down demo
info), Jonas Blank, Leo P Caillteau III, Michael Azerrad (who writes all the
pretty books) Everyone who supported, and everyone
else who I might have missed.
Extra Special thanks go out to: Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Dave Grohl

Part 1 of the FAQ

I.    Personnel and basic info
  a.  The Band
   1.  How it all began
   2.  Other names/drummers/extras and where they are now
   3.  Current Sketch
  b.  Important Dates In Nirvana History
  c.  Roots, influences, and similar bands

II.   Discography related info
  a.  Album list and song interpretations (where applicable)
   1.  Bleach
   2.  Nevermind
   3.  Incesticide
   4.  In Utero
   5.  MTV's Unplugged In New York
   6.  From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah

Part 2 of the FAQ

  b.  Singles, EPs, Videos, and single song compilation appearances
  c.  Information on some older non studio demos
   1.  Fecal Matter
   2.  "Mellow 4-track shit"
   3.  "4 quirky song demo"
  d.  Unused studio tracks
  e.  What's next?

Part 3 of the FAQ

III.  Trivia and Tidbits (stuff to wow your friends with)

IV. Bootlegs, bootlegs, bootlegs

V. Internet Nirvana Resources

VI. A song list with songs that they've played.

VII. TV and Radio Appearances

VIII. Stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere
  a. Krist's internet posts
  b. Tom Grant
  c. Full text of Kurt Cobain's suicide note

I.  The Band

a.1  How it all began -
     The core of Nirvana formed when Kurt Cobain met Krist (then Chris)
Novoselic through the punk band 'The Melvins'.  Since then, they have
gone through many different drummers and different names.
     The name "Nirvana" means 'absolute and total bliss'.

a.2  Who they were, and where are they now -

(an '*' before the name indicates the bands final line up)

Band Name       Who was in it/what did he play      Where now?
=========       ==============================      ==========
Fecal Matter    Kurt Cobain   - Guitar/Vocals
  Dale Crover   - Bass Guitar
  Greg Hokanson - Drums
  Mike Dillard  - Drums

Brown Cow       Buzz Osborne  - Bass Guitar         The Melvins
   Dale Crover   - Drums               The Melvins
                Kurt Cobain   - Guitar/Vocals

Stiff Woodies   Krist         - Vocals
                Various Guitar and Bass
  Kurt          - Drums

The Sellouts    Steve Newman - Bass Guitar          (lost fingers in
                                                     chainsaw accident)
    Kurt Cobain  - Drums
  Krist        - Guitar/Vocals

???????         Kurt         - Guitar/Vocals
         Krist      - Bass Guitar
                Bob McFadden - Drums

Skid Row        Aaron Burckhard - Drums
   Kurt            - Guitar
                Krist  - Bass Guitar
Ted Ed Fred     }
Bliss           }
Throat Oyster   }Same as Skid Row
Pen Cap Chew    }
Windowpane      }

Nirvana        *Kurt Cobain     - Guitar Vocals    Died: 4/5/94
        *Krist Novoselic - Bass     Band - Sweet 75
  Aaron Burckhard - Drums            Band - Attica
  Dave Foster     - Drums      ???
  Chad Channing   - Drums            Band - The Fire Ants
  Jason Everman   - Guitar    Band - Mindfunk
  Danny Peters    - Drums            Band - Mudhoney
        *Dave Grohl      - Drums            Band - Foo Fighters
  John Duncan     - Guitar           Band - The Exploited
        *Pat Smear       - Guitar        Band - Foo Fighters

a.3   Current Sketch -
As of right now, there is no more Nirvana, Kurt Cobain committed suicide
on or around 4/5/94.  Dave Grohl and Pat Smear are in the band Foo Fighters
and Krist Novoselic is in the band Sweet 75

b - Important dates in Nirvana history:

05-16-65  Krist Anthony Novoselic born to Krist and Maria Novoselic
01-31-67  Chad Channing born to Wayne and Burnyce Channing
02-20-67  Kurt Donald Cobain born to Wendy and Donald Cobain
01-14-69  David Eric Grohl born to James and Virginia Grohl
01-23-88  Nirvana records demo with Dale Crover
11-??-88  First single: Love Buzz/Big Cheese released
06-??-89  Bleach released
10-23-89  Nirvana plays first European show, Newcastle, England
12-30-89  Krist and Shelli get married in Tacoma
04-17-91  Nirvana first plays Smells Like Teen Spirit
04-30-91  Nirvana formally signs with Geffen Records
08-??-91  The video for Smells Like Teen Spirit is made
09-20-91  Tour for Nevermind begins in Toronto
09-24-91  Nevermind is released, debuted at #144 on Billboard
10-12-91  Nevermind goes Gold
01-11-92  Nirvana plays Saturday Night Live, Nevermind hits #1
01-??-92  Hormoaning released in Australia and Japan
02-24-92  Kurt Cobain marries Courtney Love in Waikiki, Hawaii
08-18-92  Francis Bean Cobain is born
08-30-92  Nirvana headlines Reading Festival
09-08-92  Nirvana plays Lithium at MTV music awards, wins 2 awards
12-15-92  Incesticide released
09-??-93  Nirvana wins Best Alternative Video award at MTV Video awards
09-21-93  After a week delay, In Utero released in US
11-18-93  Nirvana records Unplugged session for MTV
12-16-93  Nirvana Unplugged airs on MTV
03-01-94  The Final Nirvana show is played in Munich
03-04-94  Kurt Cobain is hospitalized comatose
03-05-94  Kurt awakens from coma, asks for milkshake
03-08-94  Kurt leaves hospital under his own power
04-07-94 is created
04-08-94  The body of Kurt Cobain is found.  Kurt committed suicide 3 days ago.
04-10-94  Memorial Service held in Seattle, Courtney reads from suicide note.
09-??-94  Nirvana wins Best Alternative Video for Heart-Shaped Box
11-01-94  Nirvana: Unplugged in New York is released in the US
11-15-94  Nirvana: Live! Tonite! Sold Out! is released in US
07-04-95  Dave Grohl's Foo Fighter's Album released
10-01-96  From the Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah released

c. Roots, influences, and similar bands:

Here are some bands that influenced Nirvana:
   The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Meat Puppets, Pixies, Sonic Youth,
   Melvins, Vaselines, R.E.M.

Artists that are similar to Nirvana include:

   Alice in Chains, Babes In Toyland, Breeders, Cheap Trick, Dinosaur Jr.,
   Fastbacks, Husker Du, L7, Minutemen, Bob Mould, Mudhoney,
   My Bloody Valentine, Pearl Jam, Raincoats, Soundgarden,
   Tad, Teenage Fanclub, Throwing Muses, Fluid, Green River,
   Half Japanese, Hole, Daniel Johnston, Love Battery, Urge Overkill,
   P.J. Harvey, Frank Black, The Lemonheads

II.  Album Info

a.1 Bleach

Info:  *Produced by Jack Endino
       *Drums by Chad Channing on all tracks except Floyd the Barber,
        Paper Cuts, and Downer, which has Dale Crover on drums.
       *Album's recording cost is listed as being $606.17, which was
        payed for by Jason Everman, who didn't even appear on the album.
       *The bulk of the album was recorded on 12/24/88, 12/29/88, and
        1/24/89 at Reciprocal Studios in Seattle, WA with 3 tracks being
        drawn from the 1/23/88 Jack Endino/Dale Crover session.
       *Nirvana was billed for 30 hours of studio time.
       *Downer appears only on the CD release.
       *Older vinyl versions do not contain Big Cheese.
       *Released in June of 1989 by Sub Pop Records (SP 34b US) and
 remastered and rereleased by Geffen in 4/92.

The Songs and Their Meanings:
DISCLAIMER:  These Song Interpretations are NOT mine, they are drawn from
interviews with the band.  Do not email me your interpretation of the
song and expect me to put them in the FAQ.  There are many different ways
to interpret Nirvana's songs, I truly believe that there is no one
correct interpretation to any song.

Blew (2:53) - The whole song conveys themes of entrapment

Floyd the Barber (2:15) - A song about a small town that goes bad, the
title is taken from a character on The Andy Griffith Show.  Everyone
turns out to be a mass-murderer.  The song also shows Freudian
castration fears.

About A Girl (2:46) - A song written for Kurt's girlfriend Tracy, she
threatened to kick him out if he didn't get a job.

School (2:40) - A song about the incestous Seattle Scene.  The bands
seem to resemble high school cliques.

Love Buzz (3:33)
- A cover song from the Dutch group Shocking Blue

Paper Cuts (4:04) - Part of the lyrics are based on a true story of a family
that Kurt was acquainted with, who locked their children in a room.  Other
lyrics have to deal with parents, and neglect.

Negative Creep (2:52) - the first person narrative from an antisocial person

Scoff (4:07) - A song that's directed towards the people who didn't
believe in Kurt's musical aspirations

Swap Meet (3:00) - A battle of the sexes put in the background of a
Sunday swap meet

Mr. Moustache (3:21) - Speaks out against the stereotypical male macho image

Sifting (5:21) - seems to take on authority figures with it's mention of
preachers and teachers

Big Cheese (3:40) - This song is written about Sub Pop head honcho Jonathan
Poneman and the pressures he put on the band.

Downer (1:42) - Kurt's attempt at a political song.

a.2  Nevermind

Info:  *Produced by Butch Vig.
       *All drums by Dave Grohl.
       *Some CDs contain the hidden track Endless, Nameless after
        10 minutes of silence following Something In The Way.  The
        first 50,000 CDs pressed lack the track and some versions
 pressed by the CD Clubs lack it.
       *The album was recorded in May and June of 1991 at Sound City
 Studios in Van Nuys, CA.
       *Inside the album is a page with random lyric lines from the
 songs.  There are 2 lines of poetry which do not appear in
 any of the songs.  These lines were made up by Kurt.
       *Nevermind was released on 9/24/91 by Geffen Records (DGC-24504 US).
       *Has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Smells Like Teen Spirit (5:01) - An attack on the apathy of our own
In Bloom (4:14) - An attack on people who listen to certain music for the
wrong reason.  Imagine the stereotypical, macho guy who sings along to
Nirvana, but has no clue what he's singing about.

Come As You Are (3:38) - A song full of contradictions on how we act
versus how we think society thinks we should act.

Breed (3:03) - Growing up and being trapped by middle class america.

Lithium (4:15) - A first person narrative of a nervous breakdown, or an
update of the Marxist description of religion as 'Opiate of the masses'.
An ode to disconnection.

Polly (2:54) - Based on the actual kidnapping of a 14 year old girl and
her torture.

Territorial Pissings (2:22) - Multi-themed song that attacks macho men.

Drain You (3:44) - A song about (plainly and simply) love.  Highly
medical theme.

Lounge Act (2:36) - A song about having a certain vision and being
smothered by a relationship.

Stay Away (3:31) - An attack on any conformist clique.

On A Plain (3:14) - Many small lines of poetry having multi themes.

Something in the way (3:51) - A song about Kurt's experiences living
under a bridge when he was kicked out of home.

Endless, Nameless (6:45) - Previously called 'The Noise Jam'.  An
experimental song created when one of the takes on Lithium went bad.

a.3 Incesticide
Info:  *Collection of B-sides and rarities.
       *Originally planned as 2 different releases by Geffen
        and Sub Pop (to be called Cash Cow), but they joined
       *The band's intent was to 'beat the bootleggers' by
 releasing the rare songs before the bootleggers could.
       *The pictures in the album, from left to right are:
   Krist Novoselic, Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Dale Crover,
 Chad Channing, and Danny Peters.
       *Released on 12/15/92 by Geffen Records (DGC-24504 US).

Song  Producer Drummer  Studio Session + Date
====  ======== =======  =====================

Dive  Butch Vig Chad Channing Smart Studios 4/90
Sliver  Jack Endino Danny Peters Reciprocal 7/90
Stain  Steve Fisk Chad Channing   Music Source 9/89
Been A Son Miti Adhikari Dave Grohl      Mark Goodier 11/91
Turnaround      Dale Griffin    Dave Grohl      John Peel 11/90
Molly's Lips    Dale Griffin    Dave Grohl      John Peel 11/90
Son Of A Gun    Dale Griffin Dave Grohl John Peel 11/90
New Wave Polly  Miti Adhikari   Dave Grohl      Mark Goodier 11/91
Beeswax  Jack Endino     Dale Crover     Reciprocal 1/88
Downer  Jack Endino     Dale Crover     Reciprocal 1/88
Mexican Seafood Jack Endino     Dale Crover     Reciprocal 1/88
Hairspray Queen Jack Endino     Dale Crover     Reciprocal 1/88
Aero Zeppelin   Jack Endino     Dale Crover     Reciprocal 1/88
Big Long Now    Jack Endino     Dale Crover     Reciprocal 1/88
Aneurysm        Miti Adhikari   Dave Grohl      Mark Goodier 11/91

Dive (3:53) - "Yet Another re-write of the heavy string-bend grunge formula"

Sliver (2:12) - A semi-biographical song about being deserted by your parents

Stain (2:37) - "Floyd The Barber's sister"

Been A Son (1:53) - Song about a girl whose parents wanted a boy, a "slower,
lamer" version can be found on the Blew EP.

Turnaround (2:17) - Cover of a Devo song, "The best Devo song", available
as the b-side to the Whip It single (WBS-49550).

Molly's Lips (1:51) - Cover of a Vaselines song, "Our favorite Vasline's
song, I left out some of the lyrics because I was too lazy to write them
down", appears on the Sub Pop release The Way Of The Vaselines (Sub Pop 145)

Son of a Gun (2:47) - Cover of a Vaselines song, "Our second favorite
Vaseline's song -- get the Knack", appears on the Sub Pop release
The Way Of The Vaselines (Sub Pop 145)

New Wave Polly (1:46) - Faster recording of Nevermind's Polly, "Better to do
a power pop version rather than a reggae, salsa, or fox trot"

Beeswax (2:47) -

Downer (1:47) - See 'Bleach'

Mexican Seafood (1:52) - Some people seem to believe this is about a yeast

Hairspray Queen (4:12) - "Looking back on this first demo, I've come to
realize how incredibly New Wave we once were ... Kajagoogoo"

Aero Zeppelin (4:39) - "Christ!  Yeah, let's just throw together some
heavy metal riffs in no particular order and give it a quirky name in homage
to a couple of our favorite masturbatory 70's rock acts"

Big Long Now (5:01) - "Gee... a long time ago I had really long hair and
was into setting a mood.  I hope The Psychadelic Furs don't sue me."

Aneurysm (4:36) - Possibly about shooting heroin, "A recent attempt at
getting back to our New Wave roots"

a.4  In Utero

Info:  *Produced by Steve Albini.
       *All drums by Dave Grohl.
       *Recorded at Pachyderm Studios in March 1993.
       *2 tracks (Heart-Shaped Box and All Apologies) remixed at the
 band's request by Scott Litt (of REM fame) in the Summer of 1993,
 during that session the song "Verse Chorus Verse" was recorded again.
       *A special version which is for sale in Wal-Mart stores labels
  Rape Me as "Waif Me" and features slightly altered back cover art.
       *There is a piece on the meanings of the symbols on the back of the
 album near the end of this FAQ.
       *On the disc itself is a picture of Kurt and Courtney's nanny
 dressed in drag with the word 'princess' scrawled on his stomach.
       *Import versions contain the track "Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol
 Flow Through The Strip" a 7:33 jam session as the "Devalued
 American Dollar Incentive Track" after 25 minutes of silence
 following All Apologies.
       *Originally titled "I Hate Myself And Want To Die", then to be
 titled "Verse Chorus Verse", finally "In Utero" was settled on.
       *"In Utero" is latin for "In The Womb".
       *Released 9/21/93 in the US (9/14/93 elsewhere) by Geffen Records
 (DGC-24607 US).
       *Sold 500,000 copies in it's first week (overshadowed by Pearl
        Jam's VS which sold 900,000 copies), Has sold over 5 million
 copies to date.

Serve the Servants (3:54) - An autobiographical song about the whole
Nirvana experience, the 'witch hunt' on Courtney Love, and a sarcastic
response to the emphasis placed on the divorce of Kurt's parents

Scentless Apprentice (3:47) - Based on the novel 'Perfume' by Patrick
Suskind, about a perfume maker who kills virgins for their scent.

Heart Shaped Box (4:39) -(You could write a book about this song)  Themes
of co-dependancy and many other themes.

Rape me (2:49) - In Kurt's words, the song is a sort of poetic justice.
A guy rapes a girl.  He ends up in jail and is raped there.   Some interpret
it as Kurt's feelings about being 'raped' by the media.

Frances Farmer... (4:07) - A song about the story of Frances Farmer, who
was declared insane and lobotomized.

Dumb (2:20) - Ignorance is bliss.  There is a certain care-free happiness
involved in being dumb.  Drug related thems dominate the song.

Very Ape (1:55) - An Attack on the stereotypical macho man.

Milk it (3:52) - A song about co-dependancy, it heavily carries the
medical theme.

Pennyroyal Tea (3:36) - A song about making a tough decision and the
difficult choices around it and the guilt following it.  Pennyroyal Tea
is an abortive substance.

Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (4:49) - According to Kurt this song is a
throwaway.  A bunch of random  poetry lines thrown together.  The title
is a reference to 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and it's slick,
radio-friendly sound.

tourette's (1:33) - This song has no meaning at all.  Kurt just screamed
alot. based on tourette's syndrome, which causes one to shout out obscenities
at any time.

All Apologies (3:50) - Contrary to popular belief, this song is not about
Francis and Courtney.   He wrote it for them, but none of the lyrics
really apply.

Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through the Strip (7:33) (Import version)
-More or less, a poem to music.  This is an improv-style song

a.5 MTV's Unplugged in New York

Info:  *Produced by: Scott Litt
       *Features appearances by 2 members of The Meat Puppets
       *Labelled as being complete, it does contain all the songs, but
 the entire session lasted about 15 minutes longer.  Geffen cut
 some banter and tunings.  There are complete versions floating
 around on video.
       *Originally conceived as a double album with 1 CD containing the
 Unplugged session and the second CD containing other live
 electric tracks.
       *Released 11/1/94 by Geffen Records (DGC-24727 US)
       *Has sold about 3.4 million copies as of the release of FTMB.

About A Girl (3:37) - From the album 'Bleach'

Come As You Are (4:13) - From the album 'Nevermind'

Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam (4:37) - Cover of a Vaseline's song
which is available on the Sub Pop release "The Way Of The Vaslines"
(Sub Pop 145)

The Man Who Sold The World (4:20) - Cover of a David Bowie song which is
available on the album "Man Who Sold The World" (Ryko 10132)

Pennyroyal Tea (3:40) - From the album 'In Utero'

Dumb (2:52) - From the album 'In Utero'

Polly (3:16) - From the album 'Nevermind'

On A Plain (3:44) - From the album 'Nevermind'

Something In The Way (4:01) - From the album 'Nevermind'

Plateau (3:38) - Cover of a Meat Puppet's song which appears on the album
"Meat Puppets II" (SST 19)

Oh Me (2:36) - Cover of a Meat Puppet's song which appears on the album
"Meat Puppets II" (SST 19)

Lake Of Fire (2:55) - Cover of a Meat Puppet's song which appears on the
album "Meat Puppets II" (SST 19)

All Apologies (4:23) - From the album 'In Utero'

Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (5:06) - Cover of a Leadbelly (Huddie
Ledbetter) song (often titled "In The Pines" which appears on the album
"Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" (Folkways 40044)

a.6 From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah

Info:  *Live album originally conceived to be release with the Unplugged
       *Contains 16 tracks which range from 1989 to 1994.
       *Krist Novoselic listened to over 100 hours of live shows to
 pick out the 16 tracks.
       *There is a special 2 lp vinyl release which contains 5 minutes
 of crowd banter on the 4th side.
       *The intro on the CD is the 'soundcheck' from the 12/3/89 show,
 On the European Bleach tour, they didn't do a full soundcheck,
 they just fooled around with all of the instruments and vocals
 before they started (most had Kurt screaming).
       *FTMB features the first Geffen release of Spank Thru, which
 appears in different forms on 2 other releases.
       *The Del Mar 12/28/91 show has been aired on Westwood 1 Radio
 Networks over the years.
       *The 11/19/91 and 11/25/91 were taped by TV stations in their
 respective countries.
       *Released 10/1/96 by Geffen Records (DGC 25105 US).
       *In it's first week, 189,000 copies were sold (reached #1 on
 the Billboard charts) and sold 90,000 in it's second week.
        Because of it's late release, sales won't pick up until
  Christmas time, when people who aren't huge fans pick it up.

The sources for the tracks are as follows:

Intro  12/03/89 (0:52) London, England  Astoria
School  11/25/91 (2:34) Amsterdam, Holland      Paradiso
Drain You 12/28/91 (3:34) Del Mar, CA  O'Brien Pavillion
Aneurysm 12/28/91 (4:29) Del Mar, CA  O'Brien Pavillion
Teen Spirit     12/28/91 (4:40) Del Mar, CA     O'Brien Pavillion
Been A Son 11/25/91 (2:07) Amsterdam, Holland Paradiso
Lithium  11/25/91 (4:06) Amsterdam, Holland      Paradiso
Sliver  11/10/93 (1:56) Springfield, MA         Civic Center
Spank Thru 11/19/91 (3:07) Rome, Italy             Castle Theater
Scentless App.  12/13/93 (3:25) Seattle, WA             Pier 47
HeartShaped Box 12/30/93 (4:41) Los Angeles, CA         Great Western Forum
Milk It  01/07/94 (3:40) Seattle, WA  Seattle Center Arena
Negative Creep  10/31/91 (2:43) Seattle, WA  Paramount
Polly         12/03/89 (2:27) London, England  Astoria
Breed         12/03/89 (3:12) London, England  Astoria
Tourette's      08/30/92 (1:55) Reading, England Reading Festival
Blew  11/25/91 (3:37) Amsterdam, Holland Paradiso

  b.  Singles, EPs, Videos, and single song compilation appearances.


Love Buzz / Big Cheese
*Released 10/88 by Sub Pop Records (SP 23 US) as part of the Sub Pop
 Singles Collection

Blew / Love Buzz / Been A Son / Stain
*Released 12/89 by Tupelo Records (TUP 8 UK).  This contains the
 "Slower, Lamer" version of Been A Son

Sliver / Dive
*Released 9/90 by Sub Pop Records (SP 73 US).  This release contains
 a phone conversation between Krist Novoselic and Jonathan Poneman.
*Released 1991 by Tupelo Records (TUP 25 UK).  This release contains
 About A Girl (live) and Spank Thru (live), both recorded live at the
 Pine Street Theater in Portland, OR in Spring of 1990.

Candy (by The Fluid) / Molly's Lips (live)
*Released 1/91 by Sub Pop Records (SP 97 US).  Molly's Lips recorded
 live at the Pine Street Theater in Portland, OR in Spring of 1990.

Here She Comes Now / Venus In Furst (by Melvins)
*Released Summer of 1991 by Communion Records (Communion 23 US).
 Both of the songs on this single are cover songs originally by
 the Velvet Underground and they both appear on the compilation album
 "Heaven and Hell, Vol. 1" (Communion 20 US) which is now Out of Print.

Smells Like Teen Spirit / Even In His Youth / Aneurysm
*Released 9/10/91 by Geffen Records (DGC 21673 US).  Some import
 versions also contain Drain You.

Come As You Are / School (live) / Drain You <live>
*Released 3/3/92 by Geffen Records (DGC 21707 US).  Import versions
 contain Endless, Nameless.  School and Drain You recorded live at
 the Paramount Theater, Seattle, WA on 10/31/91.

Lithium / Been A Son (live) / Curmudgeon
*Released 7/21/92 by Geffen Records (DGC 21815 US).  Import versions
 contain D-7.  Been A Son recorded live at the Paramount Theater,
 Seattle, WA on 10/31/91.  The single contains the lyric sheet for
 the album Nevermind.

In Bloom / Sliver (live) / Polly (live)
*Released 11/30/92 by Geffen Records UK (GEF 34 UK).  Sliver and
 Polly recorded live at O'Brien Pavillion, Del Mar, CA on 12/28/91.

Puss (by The Jesus Lizard) / Oh, The Guilt
*Released 2/22/93 by Touch and Go Records (TG 83 US).

Heart-Shaped Box / Milk It / Marigold
*Released 8/23/93 by Geffen Records UK (GFST 54 UK).  Marigold features
 Dave Grohl on vocals.  A 12 inch vinyl promo features Gallons of
 Rubbing Alcohol... on the B-side (DGC-PRO-A-4558 US).

All Apologies / Rape Me / Moist Vagina (mv)
*Released 11/93 by Geffen Records UK (GFST 66 UK).  The UK versions labels
 Moist Vagina as mv, while the other imports (German and Australian)
 don't censor the title.

6 CD Single Box Set
*Released 11/95 by Geffen Germany (GED 24901) containing the singles
 to Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, Lithium, In Bloom,
 Heart-Shaped Box, and All Apologies.  This was done in an attempt to
 defeat a bootleg companies attempt to release pirated copies of the
 singles in their own box set.

Pennyroyal Tea (remix) / I Hate Myself And Want To Die / Where Did You Sleep
Last Night (In The Pines - Unplugged Version)
*Released 5/94 by Geffen Records UK (GED 21907 UK) in VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES
 shortly after the death of Kurt Cobain.  This has become quite the
 collectors item, but it can be found at record shows occasionally.
 Recently it has been fetching around $50 per copy.

About A Girl (Unplugged) / Something In The Way (Unplugged)
*Released 10/24/94 by Geffen Records UK (???).



*Released 1/92 on Geffen Records in Japan and Australia (MVCG 17002)
 to coincide with Nirvana's '92 Pacific Rim tour.
*Geffen Japan did not have authorization to press the CD, but they did
 so anyways (in mass quantities).
*Contains: Turnaround / Aneurysm / D-7 / Son Of A Gun / Even In His Youth /
 Molly's Lips
*Aneurysm is the version that is found on the Teen Spirit single.
*Turnaround, Son Of A Gun, and Molly's Lips are the same as on Incesticide.
*Even In His Youth is the same as on the Teen Spirit Single.
*D-7 is the same as the Lithium single version.


Short Play

Sometime in mid 1990, Nirvana did a video shoot with some film students
at Evergreen College in Washington.  Videos for the following songs were
made:  School, Lithium (2 versions), Big Cheese, Floyd The Barber.
MTV has played part of the Big Cheese video in their Tribute to Nirvana.
These videos are circulating amongst bootleggers.

In Bloom (original)

*Shot in New York City sometime around 4/25/90 over 2 days.
*Krist shaved his head after the New York City show, so there are
 some scenes where he has hair and some where he's bald.
*This video appears on Sub Pop Video Network 1 (SPV1 US).

Smells Like Teen Spirit

*Filmed on 8/17/91 at GMT Studios in Culver City, CA
*Directed by Samuel Bayer
*People who attended the 8/15/91 show at the Roxy were invited to
 the video shoot and it was announced on a radio station.
*The video took about 8 hours to shoot.
*The janitor in the video was the janitor in Sam Bayer's apartment building.
*The video was originally conceived to be "The Pep Rally From Hell" with
 the kids leaving the gym at the end of the video and turning over cars
 and burning effigies.

Come As You Are

*Filmed on 1/21/92 at ???
*Directed by Kevin Kerslake
*The background footage was shot by the band in a park in Hollywood Hills


*Directed by Kevin Kerslake
*A montage of live performances from 8/23/91, 9/1/91, and 10/31/91.
*The video was originally conceptualized as being an animated film about
 a young girl who finds eggs and brings them to a king, but it would
 have taken too long to animate.

In Bloom

*Directed by Kevin Kerslake
*Features the band on an Ed Sullivan type show in the '60s.
*Authentic cameras from that time period were used.
*The video was originally conceptualized as being about a girl who is
 born into a KKK family and eventually realizes that her family is evil.
*There are 3 different versions of this video: the first is the one that
 MTV plays regularly, with half the video done in suits, half in dresses;
 The second was played one, when 120 Minutes on MTV premeired the video,
 it features the band in all dresses; the third, unaired version features
 the band in all suits.


*Directed by Kevin Kerslake
*Shot in late March 1993 in Kurt's garage at his house.
*Francis Bean Cobain is featured in the video.
*MTVs rules on product placement caused parts of the video to be blurred.

Heart-Shaped Box

*Directed by Anton Corbjin
*Shot in late summer 1993,
*Kevin Kerslake attempted to sue the band for trying to steal his idea.

Long Play

1991: The Year Punk Broke
*Directed by Dave Markey as a document of the 8/91 European tour.
*Approximate running time is 90 minutes.
*Features tracks by Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr, The Ramones,
 and other bands that toured.
*Released 1992 by Geffen Video (R-2677)
*Nirvana songs featured are: Negative Creep (from ???), School (from 9/1/91),
 Endless, Nameless (from 8/23/91), Smells Like Teen Spirit (from 8/20/91),
 and Polly (from ???).

Live! Tonite! Sold Out!!
*Released 11/15/94 by Geffen on video and laserdisc (DGCV 39541 US).
*Approximate Running Time is 83 minutes.
*Contains live songs, interviews, and backstage footage from the Nevermind
 tour days.
Songs and their sources are:
Aneurysm   Amsterdam, Holland 11/25/91 + Rio 1/23/93
About A Girl  Seattle, WA 10/31/91
Dive   Rio 1/23/93
Love Buzz  Dallas, TX 10/19/91
Breed   Seattle, WA 10/31/91
Smells Like Teen Spirit London, UK "Top o' The Pops" TV show
Negative Creep  Honolulu, HI 2/22/92
Come As You Are  Amsterdam, Holland 11/25/91
Territorial Pissings    London TV 12/6/91 + Amsterdam 11/25/91
Something In The Way    Nagoya, Japan 2/16/91
Lithium   Reading, England 8/30/92
Drain You  Amsterdam, Holland 11/25/91
Polly   Seattle, WA 10/31/91
Sliver   Amsterdam, Holland 11/25/91
On A Plain  Roskilde, Denmark 6/26/92
Endless, Namelss Seattle, WA 10/31/91

Nirvana is also featured in the film Hype (a documentary on the Seattle
Music Scene) and contains footage of the first performance of
Smells Like Teen Spirit (with different lyrics).  It is in theaters
(limited release) right now.

Single Songs on Compilations

"Spank Thru" appears on Sub Pop 200 on Sub Pop Records (SP 25b US)
*Released 12/88.

"Mexican Seafood" appears on Teriyaki Asthma on C/Z records (C/Z 037 US).
*Released 8/89, Released 11/92.

"Do You Love Me" appears on Hard To Believe on C/Z records (C/Z 024 US).
*This is a KISS Tribute Compliation
*Released 10/90
*Features the only recorded appearance of Jason Everman

"Here She Comes Now" appears on Heaven and Hell vol. 1 on Communion
Records (Communion 20 US)
*This is a Velvet Underground Tribute Compilation
*Released in 1991

"Dive" appears on The Grunge Years on Sub Pop Records (SP 112 US)
*Released 6/91

"Beeswax" appears on Kill Rock Stars on K Records (KRS 201 US)
*Released 8/21/91

"Return of the Rat" appears on 8/14 Songs for Greg Sage and the Wipers
on Tim/Kerr records (T/K 917010 TRIB 2 US), this is a Wipers Tribute
*Original version readily available on the Hype Soundtrack (SP 371 US).
*Released 6/20/92

"The Priest They Called Him" appears on the album of the same name on
Tim/Kerr records (T/K 9210044/92CD044)
*This is a story told by William S. Burroughs.
*Kurt plays the noise background.
*Krist appears on the cover in the priest outfit.
*Released Summer 1993

"Verse Chorus Verse" appears on No Alternative on Arista Records
(07822-18737-2 US)
*This is an AIDS Benefit album
*Nirvana has the final, uncredited track
*Released late '93

"I Hate Myself and Want To Die" appears on The Beavis and Butthead
Experience on Geffen Records (GEFD 24613 US).
*Released 1994

"Pay To Play" appears on DGC Rarities Vol 1 on Geffen Records
(DGC 24901 US)
*Pay to Play is a demo verison of Stay Away recorded at Smart Studios
 by Butch Vig in April of 1990.
*Released 1994

"Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" (live) appears on Home Alive on Sony
Records (Sony 67486 US)
*Released 2/20/96
*This version recorded live in Grenoble, France at Le Summens 2/19/94.

"Negative Creep" appears on the Hype soundtrack on Sub Pop Records
(SP 371 US).
*Released 10/1/96
*The soundtrack features tracks by Seattle area artists and is meant to
 be a 'companion piece' to the movie.
*The final track on the CD (#23) is uncredited, but it features a 30
 second snippet of the Muzak version of Smells Like Teen Spirit beginning
 around the 1:20 mark of the track.
*Nirvana is featured in the movie with a live clip of the first performance
 of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

c.  Information on older non-studio demos

  c.1  The Fecal Matter demo
This is information I've compiled about the infamous Fecal Matter demo.

Kurt on Vocals and Guitar
Greg Hokanson on Drums (actually a drum pad he borrowed from Dale Crover).
Dale Crover on Bass

It has 7 songs...
Here are some titles that I've gotten...

1. Sound of Dentage
2. Bambi Slaughter
3. Laminated Effect
4. Buffy's Pregnant
5. Spank Thru
6. Downer (insturmental)
7. Suicide Samurai

Lyric info:

There is a heavy metal-type song w/lyrics like
  "You said you changed....
   Like to do experiments
   Why are you so mean to me"
Buffy's Pregnant goes:
"Buffy's pregnant, you'll fit the class/we'll all debate who's got the
nicest ass\spreading mindgames etc.....
 Chorus    "Clone(times 5)
It has some funny spoken word parts where Kurt impersonates a cheerleader
and talks about beating up "punk rock faggots"

This demo is hard to come by.  Some bootleggers have it, but they don't
circulate it.

  c.2 "Mellow 4-track Shit"

This demo features 3 songs:

1. Sad ("Miserly Loves Company" - Never rerecorded)
2. Seed ("Verse Chorus Verse")
3. Cracker ("Polly")

This demo was recorded in early 1988 and is readily available through

  c.3  The "4 quirky song demo"

These demos were recorded to be included on Bleach, but Sub Pop thought
the songs were retarded.  The songs on it are:

1. Untitled (called Bambi Kill/Slaughter by bootleggers)
2. Clean Up Before She Comes
3. Beans
4. Black and White Lace (an instrumental)

These demos appear on a bootleg disc called "Dressed for Success"
along with an old boombox version of About A Girl and a version of
Drain You recorded in 1990 with the Melvins.

d.  Unused Studio Tracks

Songs that were recorded in the studio but have yet to appear on
any official releases:

If You Must        1/23/88 by Jack Endino - Available on bootlegs
Pen Cap Chew       1/23/88 by Jack Endino - Available on bootlegs
Blandest           6/11/88 by Jack Endino - Available on bootlegs
Token Eastern Song 9/??/89 by Steve Fisk - Not Available Yet

There are also alternate versions (w/different lyrics in some cases)
of Blew, Even In His Youth, Polly, Siftings, Mr Moustache, and many others.

There were reportedly 4 songs recorded for Nevermind that were never
used but they were completed.  Speculation says they could have included
Dumb and Pennyroyal Tea (which were written in late '90).  Rape Me was
also conceived at the Nevermind recording, but it was deemed too harsh.

In late January 1994, Nirvana went into the studio with Barret Jones
and came out with 5 completed songs (4 originals and 1 cover).
One song is known to be On A Mountain (played live once 10/23/93).
On A Mountain was performed by Courtney Love on Hole Unplugged as
You've Got No Right.
Speculation says that the cover could be The Man Who Sold The World or
Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam.  Another title kicked around for one
of the originals is "Fountain Soda".

e.  What's Next?

With the release of From the Muddy Banks, we face the uncertainty of
another Nirvana album.  I personally feel that the odds are in our
favor for more albums.  As you can see from the list above, there are
plenty of unreleased tracks that Geffen could release.  Another
possibility would be a sequel to Incesticide, another B-side
collection with a few new tracks.

Geffen kept pushing the fact that Live! Tonite! Sold Out!! was
from the Nevermind days, I feel a sequel with footage from the
In Utero tour is possible.

One thing is certain, anything is possible.  Look at the Beatle's
Anthology series, which is being released some 30 years after some
of the songs were recorded.  I hope we don't have to wait that long.

III.  Trivia

*Two other bands have been called Nirvana.
 The first had a minor hit in the late 60s titled Chasing Rainbows.
 They released several albums, one titled The Story of Simon Simeopath.
 The Other is a Christian-Rock band from th early 80s.  They attempted to
 sue our Nirvana for stealing their name.  In early '92, the Christian
 Nirvana played a show in California and it was attended by many angry fans
 expecting our Nirvana to play.

*Courtney was married in an old dress of Francis Farmer's

*Frances was not named after Francis Farmer, but after a member of the
 Vaselines.  Kurt says he'd wished he'd thought of naming her after
 Farmer.  Frances's middle name comes from the shape she appeared in a
 sonogram (bean). A picture of the sonogram appears on the cover of the
 Lithium single on the left side.

*Breed was originally called 'Immodium' based on the medicine that the
 lead singer of Tad used on one of their European tours.

*The morning of the New Music Seminar 7/23/93, Kurt od'd on heroin,
 Courtney injected him with an illegal drug used to wake people
 who've od'd on heroin.  He went onstage and performed.  No one knew
 the difference.

*Where did the title for Smells Like Teen Spirit come from? the deodorant?
 One day Kurt and a friend were having a discussion about teenage revolution,
 they later got drunk and his friend wrote on the wall 'Kurt smells like
 teen spirit',  Kurt was inspired, he thought she meant he would be
 the type of person who could incite a teen rebellion.  He went and wrote the
 song.  She thought that he just smelled like the deodorant.  Kurt hadn't
 heard of the deodorant at the time, he claims to have rarely used it

*Is Rape me about Poetic Justice for a rapist, or is it about the media?
 Kurt always insisted that it wasn't aimed at the media, but one line
 of the song is directed toward the Vanity Fair article and it's author,
 Lynn Hirschberg.  'My favorite inside source', Lynn claimed to have gotten
 the info that Courtney did heroin the whole time of her pregnance from
 'an inside source'.  The song itself is a song of justice (as Kurt put it),
 A guy rapes a girl, goes to prison, and is raped there.

*What is the correct spelling of Kurt's name?
 It is spelled Kurt, the odd spelling Kurdt came from when they recorded
 'Mexican Seafood' for the Teriyaki Asthma compilation.  When it came time
 to make the album, they realized that they didn't know Kurt's name
 so they got ahold of someone who 'thought they knew' and it went from there.
 Incidentally, the people at Caroline records (who put out the Teriyaki
 Asthma compilation) received no money for the appearance of 'Mexican
 Seafood' on Incesticide because they didn't bother with a contract cuz
 they didn't didn't make contracts for any bands.  He later used the
 misspelling to give him self some anonyminity.  The "monkey photo"
 credit on Nevermind is to Kurdt Kobain.

*What's the deal between Kurt and Axl?
 Axl had asked Kurt to join them on their huge tour.  Kurt declined.
 Later Axl asked Kurt to play at his 30th birthday party.  Kurt declined.

 This is from 'The Advocate' Feb 03 1993.  Kurt was asked 2 questions about
 Guns and Roses.
 Q: Is there anything about Guns N' Roses' music you like?

 A: I can't think of a damn thing.  I can't even waste my time on that band,
 because they're so obviously pathetic and untalented.  I used to think that
 everything in the mainstrteam pop world was crap, but now that some
 underground bands have been signed with majors, I take Guns N' Roses as
 more of an offense.  I have to look into it more: They're really
 talentless people, and they write crap music, and they're the most popular
 rock band on the earth right now.  I can't believe it.

 Q: Didn't Axl Rose say something nasty to you at the MTV Video Music
 Awards in September?

 A:  They actually tried to beat us up.  Courtney and I were with the baby
 in the eating area backstage, and Axl walked by.  So Courtney yelled,
 "Axl!  Axl, come over here!"  We just wanted to say hi to him--we think
 he's a joke, but we just wanted to say something to him.  So I said,
 "Will you be the godfather of our child?"  I don't know what had
 happened before that to piss him off, but he took his aggressions
 out on us and began screaming bloody murder.
    These were his words: "You shut your bitch up, or I'm taking you down
 to the pavement." [laughs] Everyone around us just burst out into tears of
 laughter.  She wasn't even saying anything mean, you know?  So I turned to
 Courtney and said, "Shut up, bitch!"  And everyone laughed and he left.
 So I guess I did what he wanted me to do--be a man. [laughs]

 Kurt told this story to the crowd at the Portland OR 9/10/92 concert, try
 to get it if you can.

*What went on with the Vanity Fair article?
 Vanity Fair wrote an article about Courtney and her drug use.  They twisted
 the facts and got the Cobains into a lot of trouble.  Kurt was asked
 2 questions about it.
 Once again this is taken from 'The Advocate' Feb 03 1993.
 Kurt: I've never read an article that was more convincing yet more
 ridiculous in my life.  Everybody from our record label to our management
 to our closest friends believed that shit.
    She [Hirschberg] did a really good job of taking a piece of what
 Courtney had said and turning it into something completely different.
 I've seen that happen before--it's happened with me alot of times--but this
 was such an extreme and done so well that I have to give her credit.
 She's a master at being catty.

 Q: What about the drug use?

 A:  Courtney was honest about the heroin excursion we went on for a few
 months.  Then Courtney found herself pregnant, realized she was pregnant
 and had a drug problem, and got off drugs.  It's as simple as that.
 But it made it look like eight months after the fact, Courtney was still
 nine months pregnant and still doing drugs and everyone was really
 concerned.  Like there was some awful den of iniquity going on in our
 apartment.  I looked really skinny.  Well, I am a skinny person, and
 I gain ten pounds every time I'm photographed, so peopel assume I'm this
 chunky, normal weight person.
    I'm just so tired of talking about this.  We have to live with the
 resuslts of this one article every fucking day.  It's something we have to
 deal with all the time.

 The results of thie article were that there was an investigation into
 the Cobains that resulted in Francis being taken away for some time
 (Courtney's sister took care of her).  They finally got custody back
 after being able to prove they were good parents.

*There are Muzak (elevator music) versions of Smells Like Teen Spirit and
 Negative Creep on a CD titled "Grunge Lite" (CZ 064).


*What's the deal with Nirvana bootlegs?
 Well, obviously, Nirvana is not touring anymore.  The only way to
 truly experience what Nirvana was is to listen to live tapes.
 There are currently over 220 'surfaced' Nirvana shows (Surfaced means
 that they are circulating amongst the traders and not being hoarded
 by a small group).  The earliest show available is from Tacoma, WA
 on 12/14/87.  The last available show is a TV broadcast of the final
 Nirvana concert in Munich, Germany on 3/1/94.

*Aren't bootlegs illegal?
 We use the word bootleg freely in this FAQ.  What we are trading are
 live concert tapes, which most bands don't have a problem with.
 The problem lies with bootleg and pirate CDs, which can cut into
 a band's profits.  For more info on this, read the

*What is the band's view?
 I know that Kurt owned a few bootlegs (by other bands).  In fact, he
 was introduced to the Meat Puppets music by a bootleg.
 Dave now collects some Nirvana bootlegs.  There was a newspaper
 article where he talked about going to Europe and buying bootleg
 I have an older interview with Krist where he describes bootlegging
 as 'stealing music'.  I don't know if he's changed his view.

*How do I get started?
 There are several ways to start collecting bootlegs of Nirvana.
 One of several is to get in touch with someone who will do a "trade
 for blanks" (see the FAQ for info).

 It's been my experience that most Nirvana fans are fairly generous
 with live recordings because they realize that now that the band is
 gone, the bootlegs are a great way to spread the music.

 Another way is to visit your local import "hole-in-the-wall" record
 store.  More often than not, these deal in bootlegs.

 Yet another way, to get CD bootlegs, is to visit the KTS Records
 web site.  They are a Bootleg CD company in the country of San Marino
 who put out soundboard FM concerts.  They have several Nirvana
 titles.  Their web site is located at

 (DISCLAIMER:  I have no affiliation with KTS records and gain nothing
 if you buy from them.  I'm just relaying information.)

V.   Internet Nirvana Resources

WWW Fan Pages:

A note:  Most of the Nirvana pages out there are mindless clones of
         the few original pages.  I'm going to list a few of the better
   pages that I feel are original (maybe not in design).
  If you are considering starting a page, don't do it unless
  you have an original idea.  Don't just copy the documents
  off of someone elses page (they are probably outdated to begin
  with) and put them up on your own.

      David Perle's complete Nirvana links.
      This page is an index with all of the links he knows about.
      A good place to start looking.

      MY WWW Site!  Contains the most updated version fo the FAQ,
      Concert Chronology, Interactive Concert Chronology, etc...

FAQ:  Kept by me ( posted irregularly to
      Can be found on my web page at any time.

Concert Chronology:  Maintained by me (
          posted occasionally to
       Can be found on my web page too.

Mailing lists:   Check out Dave Perle's mailing list links.
   I'm currently subscribed to Territorial Pissings,
   The Heart-Shaped Mail Box, and The Laundry Room.
   There are many other mailing lists too.

Guitar Tab:  Check out
      This is an online guitar archive and has most songs.

V.  The Song List

The Almost Complete Nirvana song list
Names in parenthesis indicate alternate names of the songs.
Cover songs are listed with the true authors in brackets
An asterix immediately after the title indicates true
title is not known.
(KC) after the title means that it is a Kurt only tune (or a duet w/CL)
(FM) denotes a song from the Fecal Matter demo

About a Girl
Aero Zeppelin
All Apologies
Bambi Slaughter (FM)
Been A Son
Big Cheese
Big Long Now
Born In A Junkyard *
Breed (Immodium)
Buffy's Pregnant (FM)
Come As You Are
Clean Up Before She Comes (KC)
D - 7 {The Wipers}
Do You Love Me? {Kiss}
Dough, Ray and Me (KC)
Drain You
Drunk In Rio (KC)
Endless, Nameless
Even In His Youth
Floyd The Barber
Fountain Soda
Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
Frizzle (Frazzle)  (KC)
Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip
Hairspray Queen
Heart-Shaped Box
Help me I'm hungry *
Here She Comes Now {Velvet Underground}
High On The Hog {TAD}
I Hate Myself And Want To Die
If You Must
In Bloom
In His Room (In His Hands)*
It's Closing Soon (KC)
Jesus Didn't Want Me For A Sunbeam {The Vaselines}
Lake Of Fire {The Meat Puppets}
Laminated Effect (FM)
Lounge Act
Love Buzz {Shocking Blue}
Man Who Sold The World {David Bowie}
Mexican Seafood
Milk It
Molly's Lips {The Vaselines}
Money Will Roll Right In {Fang}
Montage of Heck
Mr. Moustache
Mv (Moise Vagina)
Negative Creep
Oh Me {The Meat Puppets}
Oh, The Guilt
On A Plain
On A Mountain (You Got No Right)
Opinion (KC)
Paper Cuts
Pen Cap Chew
Pennyroyal Tea
Plateau {The Meat Puppets}
Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
Rape Me
Return Of The Rat {The Wipers}
Scentless Apprentice
Seasons In The Sun (Terry Jacks)
Serve The Servants
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Spank Thru
Spectre *
Something In The Way
Son of a Gun {The Vaselines}
Stay Away
Swap Meet
Talk To Me *
Territorial Pissings
Token Eastern Song
Turnaround {Devo}
Where Did You Sleep Last Night {Leadbelly}
Very Ape

VII.  TV And Radio Appearances

4/87 - Olympia, WA - KAOS Radio
Love Buzz / Floyd The Barber / Downer / Mexican Seafood / Spank Thru /
Hairspray Queen / ??? / ??? / ???

10/26/89 - London, England - John Peel Session
About A Girl / Love Buzz / Polly / Spank Thru
11/1/89 - Hilversum, Holland - VPRO Radio
About A Girl / Dive

9/15/90 - Olympia, WA - KAOS Radio - "Boy Meets Girl Radio"
Opinion / Lithium / Dumb

11/3/90 - London, England - John Peel Session
D-7 / Molly's Lips / Son Of A Gun / Turnaround

9/3/91 - London, England - John Peel Session
Dumb / Drain You / Endless, Nameless

11/5/91 - London, England - Mark Goodier Radio 1 Session
Been A Son / New Wave Polly / Aneurysm / Something In The Way

11/8/91 - London, England - "The Word" - TV
Smells Like Teen Spirit

11/24/91 - Hilversum, Holland - VARA-FM "2 Meter Sessie"
Here She Comes Now / Where Did You Sleep Last Night / Love Buzz

11/28/91 - London, England - "Top Of The Pops" - TV
Smells Like Teen Spirit (lip-synced goth version)

12/6/91 - England - "Joonathan Ross Show" - TV
Territorial Pissings

1/10/92 - New York City - MTV Studios - TV
Drain You / Polly / Smells Like Teen Spirit / Territorial Pissings /
On A Plain / Dive / Molly's Lips / Aneurysm / Stain
*(Total playing time: about an hour, these tracks NOT IN ORDER)

1/11/92 - New York City - "Saturday Night Live" - TV
Smells Like Teen Spirit / Territorial Pissings

9/8/92 - Los Angeles, CA - "MTV Video Music Awards" - TV
Rape Me (intro) / Lithium

9/25/93 - New York City - "Saturday Night Live" - TV
Heart Shaped Box / Rape Me

11/18/93 - New York City - Sony Studios - MTV Unplugged
About A Girl / Come As You Are / Jesus Wants Me For A Sumbeam / Dumb /
The Man Who Sold The World / Pennyroyal Tea / Polly / On A Plain /
Plateau / Lake Of Fire / All Apologies / Where Did You Sleep Last Night
*(Aired 12/16/93 in this order above, true order and song list is reflected
  on the Unplugged CD)

2/4/94 - Paris France - "Nulle Part A" - TV
Rape Me / Pennyroyal Tea / Drain You

2/23/94 - Rome, Italy - "RAI Tunnel" - TV
Serve The Servants / Dumb

VII.  Stuff that really doesn't fit elsewhere.

In Utero Symbols


 1: sow - most popular animal form of the Goddess -- Demeter often
       appeared as one
 2: jar sprouting a stream of water - symbol for fertility & fertility gods
 3: honeycomb - see "bee"
 4: dolphin - totem of Demeter as Mistress of the Sea - word "dolphin" comes
       from Greek word for "womb"
 5: triangle - represented female + trinity of Goddess (Virgin, Mother,
       Crone) - also represented fire
 6: mare - symbolizes Goddess Epona + daytime aspect of Mareheaded Demeter
       - Scandinavian witches turned themselves into mares
1: Alchemical Rose - symbol of sacred womb - symbol of virgin daughter
        within mother - applied to images like Kore/Demeter and Mary/Eve
2: Baubo - [I think you could easily read this as Baubo representing
        Courtney and Demeter representing Kurt] - female clown who
        managed to draw laughter from Demeter in the midst of her grief.
        Baubo induced the Great Mother to forget her anger long enough
        to take a little nourishment.
3: diameter - symbol for water, salt, and sea - related to the primordial
        Mother Goddess, who mingled all elements to create life from flesh
        (earth), blood (water), breath (air), and fire (vital heat)
4: ??? (wasn't in the 1988 printing)
5: symbol for planet Pluto - female Pluto deity who was despised and
        discredited by Greeks + was combined w. Demeter in a triple form
        (Virgin, Mother, and Crone)
6: poppy - "since opium and its derivatives--morphine, heroin--are
        extracted from the opium poppy, it is hardly surprising to find
        the flower associated w. sleep, inertia, numbness, and death.
        Demeter as a death Goddess was often shown with poppies [like the
        Heart-Shaped Box video]....Thebaine yields an important narcotic
        antagonist, naloxone, which is given to infants born of heroin
        addicts, to help soften the sock of withdrawl that such infants
        must go through"
1: Sub Pop logo
2: Geffen logo
3: oops - forgot to look this one up
4: bee - greatly prized because they gave valuable honey - Demeter
       addressed as "the pure mother bee" - identified w. mortality in
       folklore - "bee was symbol of feminine potency of nature"
5: infinity sign - [another interesting one] - sexual union and sense
       of perfection - two becoming one (two uniting circles, one
       representing man and the other woman)
1: ???? - not in the 1988 edition
2: sulfer - sacred to Athene - associated w. purification - also
       symbolized angry aspect of Athene (Goddess Brimo), which was
       also identified w. Demeter
3: labrys (axe) - stood for Amazons and their Goddess (Demeter /
       Artemis / etc.) - has been adopted by lesbians as their amuletic
4: corn dolly - embodiment of the harvest - one of its many alternate
       names was the Demeter
5: symbol for Ceres, Roman title of Great Goddess as Mother of the Harvest
       and ruler of all grains - indicated planting of male seed in earth's
6: sistrum - used to worship Egyptian Great Goddess - sacred rattle -
       its sound dispelled evil spirits

taken from:

Krist Novoselic's internet posts -

*This is the first of his posts:

From: Krist Novoselic <[email address deleted]>
Date: 24 Sep 94 21:34 PDT
Subject: Steve Tyler is cool.

Kurt respected Steven tyler and Aerosmith very much.  He met Steven once and
Steven laid a NA trip on him & Courtney and Mike Starr from Alice in Chains.
Not preaching about NA , just relating about his trips with drugs and all.
They would all have been good to listen to Mr. TR  Tyler.  Steve knew hiss
shit and just wanted to relate to them.  Youthful cynicism or what ever,
we shall see.

*this is the second post:

From [email address deleted] Wed Nov  9 18:12:43 EST 1994

  Thank you all for the messages.  I cannot answer n  any of them.  I am sorry.
I don't have the time or the energy and frankly, I can't dwell on Nirvana.
I can't spill my guts.  It's too personal and again, I can't dwell on it.  I
guess I'm the little bass player who can't.  Chugga, chugga, choo, choo.
Wow that was a rush.  I'm embarassed!  There is too much pain.  I'm over the
daily "grief waves" but still go through feelings of confusion, anger, regrets,
missing him and alot of times a feeling of beautiful loving feelings for my
friend.  Fuck this is enough.  Next time I'll upload so my software can tell
me when i am repeating words too often.  It's late and I'm kinda tired.
  Nothing matters anymore anyway.  The christians are going to baptise us
before we're marched up to the wall.  I'm talking about the mid term elections.
When the Christian coalition comes a knocken, both house's are gonna have to
heed.  If that's the case, God help us all! (sic)  True Christains want to
emulate Jesus.  You know, to be right on and not judge, be forgiving bring
wine to weddings and have long hair and a beard.
  The suede denim secret police are gonna get me for that one, fer sure.  Wow,
by the way I've been rambling, you'd think that I was Courtney or some thing.
I could never match that prose though, shre(Whoops) she should get her degree.
  So many people are gonna read this because Krist Novoselic wrote it but let
me tell you this, I am a man of the proletariat!  This is quite a boast comming
from my tax bracket.  Remember, socialism is an ethic not an ideology!  I write
this under the gase of an actual portrait, not a print, of Lenin.  I scored
this at the Pike Place Market and it came from some soviet beu  bureau in
Vladivostok.  Newt Gingrich has his St Paul I have no one.  You don't think
that I'm some le bolshevik.  Who needs Lenin when you have Mao?  I'm gonna
start a shining path sattelite up here in the northwest.  I want a Satellite
with a 383 and a four speed pistol grip shifter.  Super Bee.  Coronet. Charger.
  The whole of this silly rant is that I really don't have much to say, right
now.  Sure if I were to be in the seat next to you on a plane and we struck
up a conversation, we'd pass the time by discussing the topics of the day or
what ever.  I cannot answe5r Nirvana questions.  The mail I got was sweet and
I apreaciate it by hey, as the Flav says, "Can't do nothing for you man!"
To be truthful, I'll read your messages but won't reply.  Who am I any way.
I'm the guy next in line at Safeway.  I'm the person in the left lane of traffic
who gets uptight when people won't get over.  I was in an e imencly popular
rock band.  Did I spell immense right?  What ever.  I understand the power of
music so i understand you all.  Sometimes I can't understand jack asses who
talk shit about dear old Kurt but as a true democrat,NO party affiliation,
I'll respect the fact that they have a right to thier opinion, no matter how
shallow and misinformed it is.  We need more respect in this world.
  Remember that the music biz and the rock press have a symbiotic relationship.
  Remember that Nirvana was about music, first and foremost.
  Remeber Leon Trotsky.  THe Fugs, "Dirty Old Man".
  Remember not to e mail me.  I will not answer.
  You are all good.  good bye and god blesss!

*Here is the third post:

From: NOVOSELIC ON RS#748 <none@none.none>
Subject: NOVOSELIC ON RS#748
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 15:13:50 -0800

I've just finished reading the Rolling Stone Article on Pearl
Jam and Eddie Vedder.  It breaks my heart the way they tear
apart Eddie.  I really don't think Rolling Stone has the authority
to carry out such a thrashing.  There are many points in the
article that I take issue with.

 First off, on a personal note, it was painful that those
writers had to exhume Kurt to build up their case against Pearl
Jam.  R.S. opened up a can of worms.  No one was above or
below receiving a negative perspective from Kurt.  No one.  Some
were printed, some weren't.  I'll assure Rolling Stone that a
quickly penned message on a T-shirt was the least of it.  I'll tell
you this though, if Kurt knew someone was personally hurt by
his words, he truly felt bad.  God bless Kurt.

 It seems like the magazine believes it has license to use
Kurt's name to illustrate any point it wants to make.  A few
months ago it was a reefer madness, anti-drug hysteria article
against Seattle.  Now they dig up Kurt to slam one of our
exemplary community leaders.  This belligerence and disrespect
annoys me.

 What standard is R.S. basing its scrutiny on?  For R.S. to
judge Pearl Jam or Eddies credibility, in regards to the
revolution, is a complete ruse.  If not the revolution, then what
are they holding him up to?  I have original copies of the earliest
R.S. magazines.  I love them.  30 years ago they had something
to say.  Printed on newsprint it was like a fanzine, the music and
politics covered were truly revolutionary.  Today, the magazine
is pop culture and political status quo.  Why did R.S. move
away from it's original mission?  It did so to keep up with it's
demographic.  R.S. may be successful but is it real?  I'd like to
quote a true revolutionary, Jesus Christ, who said, "It is better
to have not known me than to have known me and turned

 R.S. turned away long ago.  Rolling Stone magazine
doesn't have the authority or credibility to judge anyone.

 Krist Novoselic

Tom Grant:
*Who is Tom Grant?
 Tom Grant is an investigator in California.  He was originally hired
 by Courtney to find Kurt.  He has formulated theories that Kurt
 was murdered.  He has accumulated quite the online following and has
 just as many people who think he's crazy.
 Tom Grant has his own web site where he updates his theories:

Mini book reviews:
This is a list of the books out there dealing with Nirvana that I've
read, and my opinion on them.

Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana - by Michael Azerrad
Virgin Books - Released 10/21/93.  Rereleased late '94 with new
final chapter.
-A necessity.  If you like Nirvana and don't have this book, go out and
buy it.  Referred to on as "CAYA".

Route 666: On the Road to Nirvana - by Gina Arnold
-I skimmed this book in the bookstore one day, and it only appeared to
briefly mention the band.  The main focus is on the music scene.

Never Fade Away: The Kurt Cobain Story - by Dave Thompson
-This book reads like a tabloid newspaper does.  Filled with

Cobain - The Editors of Rolling Stone
-This is a great collection of articles and interviews about Nirvana
from the archives of Rolling Stone.  The pictures are great and so are
the articles.  It's hardcover and will run you about $30, but it's well
worth it.

Kurt Cobain's complete suicide note:

DISCLAIMER:  This is the note as it appeared in NME.  The original
note is in the hands of the Seattle Police Department.  Two copies
were made, one given to the Medical Examiner, the second to
Courtney Love.  It was Courtney's copy that showed up in NME.
It was a difficult decision for me to put this in here, but it is
one of the most frequently asked questions.
Thanks to Liz Ellison on this one!

To Boddah

Speaking from the tongue of an experienced simpleton who obviously would
rather be an emasculated, infantile complain-ee. This note should be pretty
easy to understand.

All the warnings from the punk rock 101 courses over the years, since my first
introduction to the, shall we say, ethics involved with independence and the
embracement of your community has proven to be very true. I haven't felt the
excitement of listening to as well as creating music along with reading and
writing for too many years now. I feel guilty beyond words about these things.

For example when we're backstage and the lights go out and the manic roar of
the crowd begins, it doesn't affect me the way in which it did for Freddy
Mercury, who seemed to love, relish in the love and adoration from the crowd,
which is something I totally admire and envy.  The fact is, I can't fool you,
any one of you. It simply isn't fair to you or me. The worst crime I can think
of would be to rip people off by faking it and pretending as if I'm having
100% fun.

Sometimes I feel as if I should have a punch-in time clock before I walk out
on stage. I've tried everything within my power to appreciate it (and I do,
God, believe me I do, but it's not enough). I appreciate the fact that I and
we have affected and entertained a lot of people. I must be one of those
narcissists who only appreciate things when they're gone. I'm too sensitive.
I need to be slightly numb in order to regain the enthusiasm I once had as a

On our last 3 tours, I've had a much better appreciation for all the people
I've known personally and as fans of our music, but I still can't get over the
frustration, the guilt and empathy I have for everyone. There's good in all of
us and I think I simply love people too much, so much that it makes me feel
too fucking sad. The sad little, sensitive, unappreciative, Pisces, Jesus man!
Why don't you just enjoy it?  I don't know!

I have a goddess of a wife who sweats ambition and empathy and a daughter who
reminds me too much of what I used to be, full of love and joy, kissing every
person she meets because everyone is good and will do her no harm.  And that
terrifies me to the point to where I can barely function. I can't stand the
thought of Frances becoming the miserable, self-destructive, death rocker
that I've become.

I have it good, very good, and I'm grateful, but since the age of seven, I've
become hateful towards all humans in general.  Only because it seems so easy
for people to get along and have empathy. Only because I love and feel sorry
for people too much I guess.

Thank you all from the pit of my burning, nauseous stomach for your letters
and concern during the past years. I'm too much of an erratic, moody, baby!
I don't have the passion anymore, and so remember, it's better to burn out
than to fade away.
      Peace, Love, Empathy.
      Kurt Cobain

Frances and Courtney, I'll be at your altar.
Please keep going Courtney, for Frances.
For her life, which will be so much happier without me.


note on the note:  In the book 'Cobain' they mention that Boddah was
one of Kurt's imaginary friends as a child.