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My Music Equipment

"...So I use whatever I can find at junk shops- Junk is always best"
-Kurt Cobain, (in an interview with Guitar World)

My Music Equipment

My music equipment is made up of some low end gear, and some nice new gear. Most of my music  relys on ingenuity in true punk rock fashion rather than a lot of expensive equipment. Some of it I have had for several years, some is new. Some of it was fairly costly while other items I might have gotten pretty cheap. If you have any questions about any of this equipment, let me know.


Fender Stratocaster - Standard, 21 fret, three pickups. I prefer to use Snarling Dog strings with a medium gauge. Usually in standard tuning. I bought this new and it come with a deluxe gig bag and lifetime warranty. It has a whammy bar which I hardly ever use at all.  I love the tone on this, it is extremely versatile and fits me and my needs very well.
Fender Acoustic - DG-9. I prefer light gauge strings on my acoustic. Usually in standard tuning. I bought this new and it come with a hardshell case, which was a good deal. I use this guitar for acoustic songs, obviously, but it is also good just to practice singing with too
Harmony Bass - 4 string. Pretty cheap, low end bass. No preferences on it, and I normally keep it in standard tuning. I got it when I was 15 or so, and have been beating it around ever since. Very sturdy and a decent tone.
Concertmate 980 - Electronic keyboard. Pre-programmed rhythms and 100 tones. LCD display. I don't use this all that much- mostly for vocal practice but sometimes I use it to jam to as well. This is just a 61 key model bought in Radio Shack for around $150-170 I believe. It was worth the money for what I paid for it as it is a good keyboard, but I don't do a lot with keyboards.



Kustom KML80 - I got this amp when I was 12 or 13 when I lived in Ohio and have carted it around ever since. It is pretty powerful with 80 watts and has built in Overdrive and Reverb. Also has Quadravoice EQ.
Crate GX-15 - 30 watt little beast with built in overdrive. A great practice amp with enough bite to piss of the neighbors. hehe. Has decent tone I think. I got this before the Krate one, and after the Gorilla one that I had.


Qwiktune Guitar Tuner- I like this guitar tuner because it is accurate and easy to use and it was about $15, which is an excellent deal. Works with electric, acoustic, and bass of course. Slide- I don't play all that much slide, but occasionally I feel the urge. I used to play with a brass one, but now I got a 'glass' one- which I like a lot more. Much smoother tone. Jim Dunlop brand.
Capo- I am not even sure what brand it is, I got it for like $5 but it is worth every penny. I usually like to capo 2nd or 3rd fret on my acoustic and see what noise I can make. A capo is really helpful for stimulating creativity as well as it's utility use. DOD American Metal- Distortion pedal. This thing kicks a lot of ass. It gives me a very hard rock / metalish tone, and when used just right with over drive in my amps it can sound even better.


Microphone- I use low end stock mics that come with those Kareoke machines at Ames or WalMart for vocals, as well as the Labtec computer mic when I do vocals though my PC. BUT, I do have a cool mic stand for the stock mics =)
Kareoke Machines- I have a small one and a medium sized one, these are cool just to grab and plug in your mic and/or guitar and use it as an idea book when you get an idea and don't want to lose it, or want to see how something sounds. Both have echo controls. whoo. hehe.


Fostex X-18 - 4 track multitracker. I love this little machine, it is certainly one of my better investments. I bought it on Ebay, and it was in excellent condition. Much better quality than I expected. It has many options that you can take advantage of such as tape/MIDI synchronization, ping pong recording, etc., but even just used as a basic way of recording 4 tracks, it is excellent.
Hammerhead Drum Machine Software - I use this software as my primary drum / percussion source. It was designed for Industrial, Dance, HipHop, Hardcore, etc., music styles but can pretty much be adapted to any style you wish. Very user friendly and has some cool options like being able to use third party sound banks. If you want to check it out, I highly recommend it. Download it  here . I just use the output from my computer's sound card to the input jack of  Track 01 of my Multitracker, and it works out very well with high quality sounds.