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Quick Tips From MAXIM

How to manipulate the masses to get your way

                      If you want an audience to latch on to the essence of your
                      proposal, schedule your presentation an hour before lunch. Set
                      the thermostat to a balmy 80 degrees. Then launch into a
                      complex monologue complete with intricate flow charts. As they
                      mop sweat from their throbbing brows, they’ll begin to worry that
                      they’re not getting it — and feel stupid. Then, over the grumbling
                      of their stomachs, sock them with your main pitch: "The bottom
                      line is, spending equals growth. Growth equals profit. Give me a
                      million dollars and I’ll make it work." They’ll grab hold of that
                      concept like a life preserver and accept it as true: It’s the only
                      thing they’ll have understood, and they’ll want everyone else to
                      think they comprehended the whole blob of nonsense.

How to make a lasting impression

                      The next time you head into a job interview or morning meeting,
                      pause for one or two seconds in the doorway and say, "Good
                      morning" from there. "This technique ‘frames’ you — like a
                      Hollywood snapshot," explains Frank Carillo, president of
                      Executive Communications Group, a corporate consulting firm
                      based in Englewood, New Jersey. "People will remember you
                      because you’ve given them a movie-style image to recall." Don’t
                      slouch or lean against the door. You want them to think James
                      Bond, not Quasimodo. Works great at parties and when you’re
                      picking up a date, too.

How to tell if she’s scoping you

                      If you’re sitting at a bar and want to see which one of the belles is
                      stealing glances at you, check your watch. Any woman who’s
                      been staring at you will reflexively look at hers. "It’s one of those
                      automatic things people do, even if someone is looking at you
                      only peripherally; it’s difficult not to glance," explains Charles T.
                      Hill, a social psychologist and a psychology professor at Whittier
                      College in Los Angeles County. What do you need, an engraved
                      invitation? Go over and offer to buy her a drink.

How to start a cold car

                      If your car is more than a decade old, it probably has a
                      carburetor. One technician suggests “… stepping on the gas
                      pedal half to two thirds of the way down. This closes the choke
                      [ensuring a rich mixture of air and fuel, which ignites faster] and
                      pumps some gas into the manifold. Then take your foot off the
                      pedal before you turn the key.”

                      If you have a newer car, with fuel injection — the computerized
                      system that mixes gas and air according to temperature and
                      exact atmospheric readings — and you’re still having trouble
                      starting in the cold, the slow start is your own fault. There’s really
                      nothing you can do except bite the bullet and get the damned
                      thing tuned up.


How to grab them with your grammar

                      People who speak about themselves in the present tense are
                      perceived to be more competent and desirable than people who
                      do so in the past tense, according to a recent study by Southern
                      Methodist University in Dal las. "I’m reliable and always come in
                      under budget" is stronger than "I've never gone overbudget."
                      Similarly, phrases such as "I’m a great lover. I can make a
                      woman squeal in delight" are more seductive than "I was known
                      as a good lover in college. I made a girl squeal once."

 How to kiss ass effectively

                      Assistants, interns, doormen, receptionists — servicepeople by
                      and large are treated like shit. All they need is a little
                      acknowledgment to become your willing slaves. The receptionist
                      you grab an extra coffee for once in a while will warn you that no,
                      this wouldn’t be a good time to ask the boss for an executive
                      parking spot. The guy in the mailroom you swap dirty jokes with
                      will let you send all your holiday presents FedEx come
                      December. A bartender you tipped well on the first and second
                      rounds will float you a freebie on the third and fourth. So spread
                      some love — and watch it come right back at you.

How to shake your way to success

                      Shaking hands with your palm down says you’re the boss —
                      even to your boss. "Much like animals, humans establish
                      dominance through gestures," explains Tom Metcalf, a
                      professional speaker and corporate communication consultant
                      based in Marietta, Georgia. "Extending your right arm, palm
                      downward, then shaking hands is a subtle physical posture that
                      says ‘I’m in charge’" even if you’re no more in charge than the
                      copy machine repairman.

How to hack-proof your password

                      Skip Webster’s. Most hackers start with the dictionary. Instead
                      use a combo of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. Also,
                      shuttle between uPpER anD LOwEr cASe.

                      Don’t be a moron. A password consisting of your own birth date,
                      phone number, address, or other number that can be traced
                      directly to you is easy for any enterprising six-year-old to hack.

                      Avoid names. Female names are high on the target list of
                      password-sniffing computer programs, so don’t use your
                      girlfriend’s. But add some details to a name — “CharLene34D” —
                      for an ideal result.

These quick tips, as well as more tips and much more, were taken from  MAXIM MAGAZINE . Definitely check it out. 

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