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"Ceiling Of Stars"

1st Verse

Since the day we met I've learned to believe
in matchmaking angels and destiny
and since then you have been
my true love and my best friend
and I never want this to end

2nd Verse

Our love has wings and forever it will fly
like a soaring dove in the summer night's sky
our love is so strong that it won't wash away
when storm clouds form and the sky pours rain
and I'll love you more everyday


I wanna lie with you on a
blanket of grass
under a ceiling of stars
Kissin' and Huggin' and
Smilin' and Lovin' and
Learnin' what love's all about

Outro Chorus

Stay right here in my arms
I'll continue to hold you,
Love you and lie with you,
Under This Ceiling Of Stars

By Rich Christie