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Online Friend's Pages

 Laura - Mostly a personal site, picture, jokes, Nirvana stuff, etc.
 Nachoman - Some stuff, some links..
 Jessica - Poetry, pictures, much more.
 Randy - All sorts of stuff, even webcam, java games, etc.

Band Websites

 The Dixie Chicks - Sound clips, tour information, biographical info, much more.
 George Strait - A pretty decent site for one of the best country singers ever!
 Tim McGraw - Tour info, 'McGraw Gear', Interesting facts, etc.

Misc. Stuff
 What Names Mean - For Girls
 What Names Mean - For Boys
 World Sexual Records - Kind of like the 'Guiness Book of World Records", sorta...=)
 Go Ask Alice - This is an excellent site, kind of like "LoveLine meets Dear Abby".
 Cloning - An article about cloning.