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Title: Walking Through The Dark Of Night

Author: Rich Christie <>


"Walking Through The Dark Of Night"

Midnight surrounds my shadow as I creep into the mist where I can not be seen

The sky is black as can be, and the street lights are few and far between

The only noise is that of my boots scuffling through the grass which for some reason is always wet

I keep walking with a destination in my mind, but where it is I do not know yet.


My mind wonders back and forth between present and past

Without regard for the time on the clock, I tend not to care if I walk slow or fast

But only whether or not my feet carry me to the next thought or leave me in the dark

I look up into the sky and ask for guidance, and I am always granted a spark


Kindling the spark I start a fire deep within myself and yet it does not burn me

It warms me in the cold and lights up the night so that I can see

No where else can I walk with such safety and courage, knowledge and might

And no where else can I see so well as I can while walking through the dark night.

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